We are a NYC based original indie rock band building community and social change through righteous rock and roll for all  We play edgy rock and roll with important  relatable life themes.  We have been likened to Heart, Led Zeppelin and Santana.   Every gig is a fun, inclusive community event with a fundraiser.   We are going after a big dream and hope to inspire others to go after their own. Dysorderlies "because life is" but we will embrace it together.  As we go you go!!!! 

Sweet Guitar Story #1 

Recently I had two clients, one housed and one in a shelter, who are both musicians and had to get rid of their guitars. Some were stolen, some are in storage and others needed to be given away. I have been fortunate enough, in my effort to become a better guitar player, to have many guitars at my disposal. I was able to give two guitars to these clients, one given to me by the wonderful Erica Smith and another older guitar of mine. They were both so excited about being able to make music again. Can't wait to hear more about the musical journey.

Dysorderlies rock the West Village at the Bitter End! 

Had an amazing gig at the Bitter End this past Friday right before the storm hit! Dys-fans, who came out in the 100's, were sheltered in the warmth of good people, music and vibes. We collected over 100 pairs of socks which will be well needed after the next days large snow. I have already given out 500 pairs of socks this winter so the supply was starting to diminish. Shout out to Adrian, the genius sound engineer who also recorded the concert and it was so good we might release it as a "Live at the Bitter End" album. Things are so exciting and we all do this together.
#AsWeGoYouGo #docstar #dysorderlies #nikkineretin #chipcalcagni 

Sweet Sock Stories #11 

Sweet sock stories #11: Seems like the sock hop craze is exploding with so many wonderful people taking on the cause to make sure that my clients have clean dry socks. My beautiful coffee moms donated socks for Hanukah and perched at my door was the largest trash bag filled with new warm sock from my upstairs neighbors Bruce, Lydia and Sam collected through a sock drive at Bruce's job. Everyone is coming up with ideas about small things that we can do to make people's lives better! The newest thought is lip balm. The world becomes safer when we are expansive in our thinking and work together!! We are playing tomorrow at Piano's on the lower east side. Come join your large group of warm trusted allies. #AsWeGoYouGo #dysorderlies #nikkineretin #sweetsockstories

Sweet Sock Stories #10 

Sweet socks stories #10: Here is another "crystal clear glass story". Recently a patient at the soup kitchens blood sugar had been out of control. He swears that he was taking his medications. I asked him to show me how he was drawing up the insulin and it turns out that he couldn't see the small dose lines on the syringe. We tried on a few pairs of the dys-fans donated reading glasses and the 2.0 magnification ones were just right. Now we have to work on the nutritional struggles of homelessness. Dys-fans are the best! 
‪#‎AsWeGoYouGo‬ ‪#‎dysorderlies‬ ‪#‎sweetsockstories‬ ‪#‎nikkineretin‬

Sweet Sock Story #9 

Sweet sock story #9: This is not a true sock story but we are also collecting reading glasses at the gig so it is a "crystal clear reading glass story: Was at the shelter on the lower east side and one of my clients was having trouble figuring out how to take his medications. I asked him to bring all of his meds and tell me the names of each medication and what he thought they were for. We figured out he couldn't read the labels and was able to give him a pair of donated reading glasses. After that thing were much clearer about what he needed to do to take care of himself. He also looked great with the funky black frames! Everyone makes a huge difference. #sweetsockstories #dysorderlies #nikkineretin #docstar #AsWeGoYouGo

Sweet sock Stories #8 

Sweet sock story #8: My lovely, long time 80 year old client, who is housed but on a fixed income came in the other day and looked sad. When I asked her what was up she said that the holidays are hard and lonely.  I told her that my family and I will be eating at the soup kitchen if she wanted to join us.  She was so happy and also happy to leave with a fun pair of purple short socks with a pink heel. Dys-fans are never Dys-engaged!! xo
#AsWeGoYouGo #sweetsockstories #dysorderlies #docstar

Sweet Sock Story #7 

Sweet Sock Story #7:One of my long time patients at the soup kitchen finally got housing, yay, but has been struggling to find the money to buy the necessities to run a home. Although I couldn't supply him with an area rug I could give him a pair of socks for comfy floor walking! We will be putting together an album that had been partially funded by a recent crowd sourcing campaign that half of the proceeds will be going to a fund that will provide necessities for my patients that become housed.‪#‎AsWeGoYouGo‬ ‪#‎sweetsockstories‬ ‪#‎dysorderlies‬ ‪#‎docstar‬


Sweet Sock Stories #6 

Sweet Sock Story #6: Had a client the other day who is terrified of doctors and hadn't seen one for many years. Although she wasn't willing to take any treatment necessary she was willing to take a pair of soft fluffy blue and white striped socks held together with a little pink bow. She rubbed the socks against her cheek and said better than having a kitty you don't have to feed it. That was the best medicine for her and I have a feeling she will be back! Dys-fans rock with the socks. #AsWeGoYouGo #sweetsockstories #docstar #dysorderlies

Sweet Sock Stories!!! 

Sweet Sock Story #5: After the clouds lifted one of my most vulnerable diabetic clients came in and said that the extra few pairs of socks got him through the wettest times. After searching through the sock bin I found a warm, cozy pair of diabetic socks donated by Cheryl Clark and InSung Min some of my most wonderful family doc friends and allies, which I know will help him with his edema!! Dys-fans rock with the socks. Dysorderlies will be playing at Pianos on the lower East Side, Sunday Dec 13th at 8:30pm. We will be doing our usual sock and reading glass drive!! Stay tuned for more details. #dysorderlies #AsWeGoYouGo #docstar #sweetsockstories

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Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street, New York, NY

We are ringing in the new year at the well known Bitter End for a night of righteous rock and roll. Please bring socks to donate for my homeless clients. It is getting cold!